Missing You

Its been a while since I wrote about missing someone, but since I dont like writing it physically and I always hope that specific person will read it, here I go.
It started off with hearing my mother talk about my father, and I thought to myself, get over it. It wasn’t anything sad, she was talking about the money he owes her, and if I were in her place, I would say forget the money.
After a while I finally fell asleep, and I dreamed myself dreaming about him. I was at his house here, and it was empty, completely empty. I walked around and out of nowhere he stepped into my line of sight. I was shocked and he held his arms open for me. I ran for them. He moved across the states and I thought he was never coming back. I felt at home even though the space around us was empty. I was happy.
We sat there and talked, like we were never separated. We heard a click on the door and he told me to leave quickly, around the back. So I did, and when I looked back… I saw a happy family that I used to be included in, but not anymore. I felt something cold in my pocket abd saw the key he gave me before I left. It was the key to his house. That was when I woke up. I sat in bed and stared at the ceiling. Again I felt something cold in my hand, it was the key. I ran outside and I was in the middle of a vast field, he or his house was no where to be seen.
This time, I woke up, looked in my hand. There was nothing there.
I haven’t thought about Nick in a long time, and I realized that no matter what I will atill miss us together because I thought him and I were supposed to last.
Maybe we were, but just not at that specific time or place. Who knows.

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