A Day Like Today

My morning started off somber, I was thinking of the past and soon I was transported back in time as I mindlessly worked with the actions. I wasnt in present time, I was far from that. Back in two years thinking of him. Every now and then, I would focus back on reality, but I would return with tears in my eyes. I would switch between before, during, and after I met my first love. I would travel through time to relive my days with my second love, and then I would be back in the present, at the bakery table, realizing I was gone for only 30 seconds. My day got better as I worked off my emotions, but the moments when I gave and recieved love, they stuck with me all day.
I realize they will always stick with me, they will be prominent some days of be hidden under other emotions and thoughts.
I can learn to live with it, accept it.


I like these short updates, are they okay for you?

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