Zero to Hero in 30 Days: Part Five

I’ve stumbled through many different themes to make this blog mine, but the current theme I have, is just perfect. New themes come out all the time and I am always itching to try new things. 

I really want to get one of the premium themes or learn coding and create my own, however I am not at that point yet. I usually switch the theme up every month or two. I like change, and I always like improving.

6 responses to “Zero to Hero in 30 Days: Part Five”

  1. Hi Paige! :) I’ve just written a post about what you are talking about. I’m currently going through a Theme ‘crisis’ – (feeling better for writing about it) – and finding it difficult to decide on one; none seem to be perfect yet.
    I’m glad that you’ve settled on one you are happy with. I’ve have just returned after a break of 6 months and I’m in a different place and writing additional things so it’s different now. My blog is getting a major makeover in several ways from the avatar to my about page.
    I thought this might be able to help you regarding your want to know of coding, even though this site I’m suggesting is for WP org themes, it still deals with CSS that you can use here if you upgrade to the Custom Design package so it will apply: The blogger explains things really simply.
    I’m glad I found your post, it’s made me feel better too! :)
    ~ Vicky

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