This is Me

I know many people have their own opinion about tattoos, and they can like them or dislike them, I personally like them. I like mine, like I should. The pair of wings were my first, I wrote about them here, when I drew the design up. Then I wrote about them after I got it, here. They mean so much to me and I see them everyday. I am fascinated with them.  The next tattoo I have are the symbols down my back, they are chakras and you can read about the meaning here. To me these symbols represent the beginning for me, and my long journey to find myself and know myself. Its meaningful, just as meaningful as the wings. All the tattoos I get will be drawn by me, I will get them and I will write about them. Everything I get will be connected with one another. I don’t want them in places where it doesn’t make full sense. It’s my thing. Its my body and everything, all my imperfections are apart of me and it doesn’t matter whether anyone likes them or not. I love myself and that is all that truly matters in the world. (There are a few other things, but I’ll talk about that later.)

4 responses to “This is Me”

  1. This has me thinking? When was the last time I looked at my back? Every time I turn around to see it, it’s gone. I look like a dog chasing his tail!

  2. Love the tattoo, and I’m so impressed you designed it yourself! I have a Walt Whitman mash-up on my right side…”Be not discouraged…I swear to you there are divine things more beautiful than words can tell.” I think my next one might be a Gatsby quote.

    • Thats awesome! I want a dream catcher and a lotus flower. Also a cherry blossom branch. I love drawing the designs of the future “if” tattoos. I am working on a yin-yang design with a lotus flower and the sun and moon involved in it.

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