Burst of Motivation

I had a tiny bit of motivation today, although I originally planned to wake up around 5 AM, I slept in until 10 AM. When I got up, I was upset that I didn’t wake up earlier to start my mothers car, but I did stick with my plan to do the dishes and my laundry. She has a kidney stone, so I feel even better that I helped her with it. 

I’ve been keeping up with my workouts, and I have only offset my eating habit twice. I’m not quitting sweets cold turkey, that’s too hard. I’ve cut down a lot! I’m proud of that. I’ve been drinking mostly water, and I have had one soda this month. I used to not drink soda at all, and then I started drinking it again, now I am back to water, hot cocoa, and any other healthier beverage. This paycheck, I am giving my rent to my mother, going to buy hair pins, and maybe get my hair professionally done since I have been wanting to do that. Then I am going to save 150, or 200 for my other funds like vacation coming up in February. Then the rest will go to two weeks worth of healthy food, or enough to have a meal every day with left overs. 

I am going to hang out on the internet until four, then I am going to finish cleaning my room and then I will read my book, and hopefully be almost done with it, so I can start another one.

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