I really adore blogging my life away. I just deleted two paragraphs about how I woke up earlier than usual, and I realized that it wasn’t the main point of this post. 

Blogging is a freedom to me, to everyone. If I could, I would make the world love blogging. I was chatting with my friends about the Zero to Hero challenge, and how I already found amazing people! We struck up a conversation about blogging and I told them I thought they would enjoy it. 

My friend Jo is a runner and she is into fashion and faith. She is an amazing person who has so many different things about her that I don’t know yet. I can’t wait to get to know her more. I told her that she should blog about her life, her passions with running and her experiments with Pinterest DIY projects. One of her New Year Resolutions is to become healthier, and I wish I told her this, but she could do a blog and find people that can encourage her. I’ve read that changing a habit or starting a habit is a bit easier when you have an audience that wants to read it, or something like that.

My friend Lindsay is a mother of a two year old boy. She is still learning about life around her and her love for her son keeps her going to places that no one else can take her. I told her she could blog about the funny moments with her son, or make it like a online baby book for the world to see, as long as she keeps super important information secretive. I can see her blogging about tattoos and her child. I would read it everyday too.

There is just something about blogging to the world that is different than chatting about something. It’s easier to get the words out because you have time to think, re-read, and delete if it sounds bad. 

I have a friend named Holiday, she is an amazing person and when she is able to, I am going to help her with a blog. She is nerdy and an introvert, and she has had a lot of things happen to her, and I think it would be great to let it all out. Typing is easier, and somehow it makes me focus when I surprisingly have the rest of the internet to explore. Anyway, she is big into writing and she wants to get her dream out there. She loves photography and anyone can photo blog! 

I want all my friends to blog so I can read the stories they don’t chat about or read further into situations, relive memories. It’s a cool idea for me. 

After this post, I am going to look back on my New Years Resolution of 2012 and see if I accomplished any!

Happy posting! 

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