The Power of Time

Prompt #207 (1,000 Creative Writing Prompts): If you could fast forward ahead or rewind backwards to any point in your life, what would it be and why? Be very detailed about how you deal with this second chance or sneak peak.

If I could keep all of my memories of this point in time, whether I rewind or fast forward, I would try not to change or tamper anything about the time I choose to teleport to. For dreaming purposes of the New Year and resolutions, I would like to fast forward ten years into the future. I can’t and wouldn’t change anything in the past anyway because it would affect how my future would turn out, so I might as well get a sneak peak of my future. I can picture it happening in a subtle way.

I am standing in front of a book store and I occupying another persons body. Everyone is waiting in line, outside of the store, even though it is raining hard. It seems that we are in a different state or town/city because I don’t recognize the store. There were about 30 people in line outside of the store, and the doors finally opened after a couple minutes. People weren’t shoving extremely, like at other places, but it was still cramped. I finally get inside and I can see my future self. She looks happy yet tired, working hard to the bone to be who she wants to be. She is sitting at a desk and she is signing books. I observe and finally its my time to get the book in my hands signed. I flip it over and look at the cover of the book, it’s called Glimpse. I don’t know what it is about, but it is probably filled with my blood from paper cuts, sweat from the deadlines, and tears from the rejection letters coming through. I feel a sense of happiness and she grabs my books and writes in the cover very carefully. “Follow your dreams, no matter how hard it is. If you truly want to achieve it, you will not give up, no matter how hard it is to get there.” This books doesn’t seem very popular, there aren’t a lot in the store, but she seems extremely happy she has on published. I don’t know if she has had more, but everyone can tell she has worked hard to get here. It was sort of a game changer when I heard her say to me “Good luck with the future. Every turn is a mystery.” I left the store and I left the body. It was a new experience, and back in the present, I felt sort of relaxed and content with my future.

Anything can change your future. I know if I want that situation to happen, I have to work super hard and I have to learn a lot. It will take a lot of time, It may take from 10 to 20 years to the point where I want to be, I hope it happens in 10 or less, but I need to work really hard. I can’t wait till next year, when I can look back and see if I have written more, or kept up with my goal of writing one page a day.

Good luck on all your endeavors. Happy New year!

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