Bedroom Forts and Small Dreams

I got super bored of everything just a few minutes ago. I didn’t want to do anything so I decided to make half of my bedroom into a fort. I placed a room divider on the corner of my bed so I could use it to hold up sheets, then I used thumb tacks and pinned three sheets on my ceiling and my walls. It’s like a DIY canopy bed. So now I have an ‘office area’ and a ‘sleeping area’ to use. Its like my own, mini studio apartment; just, without the kitchen and bathroom.

I can’t wait until I can save up enough money and move out on my own. I want a studio apartment to start off. I could make my own room dividers. I could make it like a small dorm room, but better. It’d be awesome. I can’t wait. That is one of my goals for my life: save up money and build credit until I turn 21, learn more things, be happy, and treasure the little things. 

It is December, 2014 is coming so unbelievably fast, that it startles me just a little bit. It feels like yesterday that I started off full time at work, and now, it’s almost 6 months in! 

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