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New Years Eve

I have a lot of things I want to accomplish today. I want to actually print out my resolutions and tape them to my wall so I can see it everyday. I want to figure out my biggest things I want this year and write them out, print and post on my wall. I want to throw away everything I don’t use, or sell them.  I want to stay up past midnight and write about something amazing, for example, what I am doing in 5 years. At this moment, I have 14,680 views. I want to promote my blog and try for 320 more today! I want to draw my next tattoo ideas and figure out how to save money better. After I figure out the biggest accomplishments I want this year, I will write them out and post them, then print and put them on my wall.

Now, it’s time to talk about the end of the year; this year has been a year of accomplishments for me. I graduated high school, I experienced living on my own, I got a full time job, I got my first tattoos, I bought my very own computer, and DSLR camera. I got my permit and have yet to accomplish the goal of achieving my license. I’ve made amazing friends, I’ve kept amazing friends in my life. I reconnected with amazing people as well. I’ve learned how to see people for who they are, and not judge them. I’ve learned to do things as I am told and deal with the things I don’t want to do. I’ve learned that I need to find my own motivation. I have realized that at this moment, I have all the time in the world to make goals and achieve them. I’ve realized that beauty is everywhere and I am not alone in what I think, say and do.

I’ve learned a lot of things, and a lot of good and bad things have happened. I believe that this year was my best year I’ve had so far. It was a transition year and I am proud to still be living in a world that will never stop changing and I am glad to go with the flow of things.

Goodbye 2013.
Hello 2014.


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  • Save Money for my ultimate goal
  • Be happy with the choices I make
  • Do the things that I love more often
  • Read many books, my goal is two a month and if I can more. 
  • Exercise and become more healthy
  • Get to know myself more in depth, as well as my friends
  • Practice the six Livelihood Guidelines
  • Keep my area straightened
  • Work harder

Those are shot and easy yet challenging to accomplish, but it will work if I try my best!

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Aspirations in a Knot.

Today was a lonely Christmas, until it hit late afternoon, when I went and saw The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty with my friend Lydia. 

I thought that movie was funny and motivational in a way, because I want to become a writer in the future, and my dream is also to travel so I could essentially kill two birds with one stone. I think to myself, that I have no time to waste and I am losing my spirit, but I am only just hitting youth. I am slowly becoming an adult, I am only 18. I have so many years ahead of me to get where I want to go, I just need to start.

My dreams start with living on my own, travelling the world, having my name out there. I don’t need to be famous, I just want people to connect with what I write. I want them to feel the emotions I get when I write about my characters or the scenery that I’ve witnessed. I want to live a stable life, with many people that I care about in it. 

I don’t need anything big, I don’t need to have other people in my life. I want them. However, most of all, I need to be happy with who I am, what I’ve done and what I will and have already accomplished. I am still young, and I keep forgetting that I have my whole life ahead of me.

What lies ahead of me is a fishing boat in the middle of a storm. It’ll be a bumpy and crazy ride, but it’ll be worth it and, on the way, I might actually learn how to live a little.

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Time Is The Objective

Time is so small, compared to the bigger issues. The more things I don’t do, the less time I feel that I have used usefully. It’s my biggest struggle, time management.

I need to manage my time more wisely. I spend most of my free time, which is right after 4 PM on the internet. I search for things that don’t really matter and I waste my time away laughing or trying to find entertainment from Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. I check all my daily things as needed, however, when 7-8:30 PM rolls around, I start wanting to do things creatively. I want to write, or draw, or do something that will help me later on in life. I sit and think about all these things for around an hour, then I start doing. The next thing I know, it’s 10 PM and I need to go to bed for work. On the weekends; Friday night and Saturday night, I stay up until early morning, around 2 AM. Sunday comes around and I don’t want to go to bed. 

One of my goals when the new year hits, is to stop procrastinating. I have so many books I want to read and so many things I want to begin, but for me… for some odd reason, it feels better to start at the beginning. For example, starting a new workout or habit change on a Monday or the first of the month. It’s a fresh start. Wednesday the 5th would feel weird compared to the 1st of Friday. Or if I can’t wait for a month to pass, I would do Monday the 22nd. It’s either a Monday on any numbered date, or the first of the month on any weekday. 

I need to cut down on my internet hours, it’s pretty stressing towards my overall goals, however, I want to internet to discover more amazing things! I am currently working on an idea for a short story or possible novel, and it requires a lot of research, and it’s hard! The internet is the nest of my procrastinating desires.

The creative ability in me also arrives pretty late in the day, I am a night owl at heart and I need to figure out how to further force myself to push those creative juices earlier in the evening. I am working on it pretty hard, so I can do it better before the New Year. 

I need to make a schedule for myself, give me time limits on certain things, maybe that would help. A lot of my day is taken up by my full time job, sadly. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I wish I could get paid the same amount, but work less. It doesn’t work that way though. Eventually, I want to get to my dream job, whether it be a part time photographer, or a struggling writer, or a not very famous artist. I want to get somewhere in life with my hobbies that I love doing. 

But, time is my problem and my problem will always be time.

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Bedroom Forts and Small Dreams

I got super bored of everything just a few minutes ago. I didn’t want to do anything so I decided to make half of my bedroom into a fort. I placed a room divider on the corner of my bed so I could use it to hold up sheets, then I used thumb tacks and pinned three sheets on my ceiling and my walls. It’s like a DIY canopy bed. So now I have an ‘office area’ and a ‘sleeping area’ to use. Its like my own, mini studio apartment; just, without the kitchen and bathroom.

I can’t wait until I can save up enough money and move out on my own. I want a studio apartment to start off. I could make my own room dividers. I could make it like a small dorm room, but better. It’d be awesome. I can’t wait. That is one of my goals for my life: save up money and build credit until I turn 21, learn more things, be happy, and treasure the little things. 

It is December, 2014 is coming so unbelievably fast, that it startles me just a little bit. It feels like yesterday that I started off full time at work, and now, it’s almost 6 months in! 

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Christmas Time

At work, its been a repetitio of all the Christmas songs. They haven’t stuck in my brain yet, thankfully.
Work is seriously busy, we got slammed with Holiday orders and we are working our bums off. Im exhausted looking at all the orders and it’s only Tuesday. I can’t wait for January, when it is all over.

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My playtime is spent at anytime during the day or night. I do whatever makes me have fun, whether it is laughing, working, doodling and what not. My serious playtime( or boredom) is when I have nothing else to do, and so I find something to keep me busy. My playtime and free time happen after 4 pm, or whenever I get home and have 'me time,' and that is a completely different story.

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It’s like everyday life.

There are many times where I feel unsafe, ironically, I feel safer in a plane than in a car. I feel safer in a blizzard than a severe thunderstorm.

I can not recall the time where I felt uncomfortably unsafe, however, I can say that I feel unsafe in the strangest times. It happens more when I am in a car and my friend or relative likes to speed. I feel unsafe when I think of all the pessimistic things my mother or I have shared and spoken, it all comes rushing to me at random times. I wish I could have a story to tell, but it's just a bunch of mini stories.

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Becoming better in time.

I like to believe that I am good at what I do. I am a baker at a Deli only known in the state. I've been the baker there for almost six months, but I learned quickly. I am not as awesome as I could be, but that takes time. I've worked at the Deli for two years.

I also like to believe that I am good at my hobbies: writing, drawing, and photography. I used to think that I am good at singing, but that went down the drain as I grew up. I still like to sing, I want to be better at it, but I need some professional help.

I would like to be better at not procrastinating, and learning. I want to learn so many things and become better at everything that I want to do. As in the words of the theme song every year 2000 kid should know, "I want to be the very best,"

I really do.

That was my favorite show when I was growing up, now I like all these other things.

Anyway, that is what I want to do. I want to become a better baker, writer, artist, photographer, learner, and doer. I want to be better in time.

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It’s time to start thinking about my resolutions. 

These are going to be hard. I have a list of top 5 I am going to prepare. My most important! Either three of them or two of them are going to be drastic changes and the others are going to be minor but helpful.

I’m excited for the year 2014. Mainly because of 12,13,14. That’s awesome. It should be a huge celebration. In the next couple weeks, before New Years Eve, I will post my resolutions. For now, I just wanted to update that I am thinking up a huge post idea!