New Years Eve

I have a lot of things I want to accomplish today. I want to actually print out my resolutions and tape them to my wall so I can see it everyday. I want to figure out my biggest things I want this year and write them out, print and post on my wall. I want to … More New Years Eve


Save Money for my ultimate goal Be happy with the choices I make Do the things that I love more often Read many books, my goal is two a month and if I can more.  Exercise and become more healthy Get to know myself more in depth, as well as my friends Practice the six … More Resolutions

Christmas Time

At work, its been a repetitio of all the Christmas songs. They haven’t stuck in my brain yet, thankfully. Work is seriously busy, we got slammed with Holiday orders and we are working our bums off. Im exhausted looking at all the orders and it’s only Tuesday. I can’t wait for January, when it is … More Christmas Time


My playtime is spent at anytime during the day or night. I do whatever makes me have fun, whether it is laughing, working, doodling and what not. My serious playtime( or boredom) is when I have nothing else to do, and so I find something to keep me busy. My playtime and free time happen … More Anytime!


It’s time to start thinking about my resolutions.  These are going to be hard. I have a list of top 5 I am going to prepare. My most important! Either three of them or two of them are going to be drastic changes and the others are going to be minor but helpful. I’m excited … More Resolutions