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It started when I was bored, I decided to get on the amazing website that is known as Stumbleupon. I was going through all my top posts, or ‘recommended today,’ when I found this. It shows 10 ideas to do with a small space, and I was just thinking about mixing and matching them. In picture #7 I thought that would be an amazing idea to modernize picture #9. 

In the future, I plan to be living on my own, so I would like a studio type apartment. I don’t really see myself loving anyone anytime soon, and I can’t even think of the possibility of moving in with someone, but it also depends on where I am at in the future. I wouldn’t mind living with friends, but I don’t know if I would be able to with a boyfriend. It has to do with how long we’ve been together, and if I own/rent the place. If I own it, then of course after a year or 2 1/2 years YOU can move in with ME. That way if we break up, I’ve got a place to go home too, because lets be honest, I don’t know how long I will have a place to stay with my PARENTS. I need to start on my own at some point. It’s like I am living as a high school freshman, not able to drive. However, I have a job, but I am pretty much stuck wherever I go. I have all the freedom, just no way to use it. 

Anyway, I really like picture #4. I’ve always wanted a window with a little ledge on it or something like that. I’ve had this awesome dream of living in the attic(a small space, might I add) and having that one rounded, large window looking down to the world. I would have cushions lining the bottom, maybe my platform bed. I would have books all around and a cool stereo system. I thought the idea was awesome.

 I like #2 as well, but I would rather it be floating and round. Or a queen sized, very comfortable, bed that folds down from a antique looking closet. 

I’ve also always wanted a loft bed like #10! There was something about climbing up like a child. I am also like a cat. I love heights. In my old home, there was a bedroom that was, I believe, the smallest in the house. The ceiling was painted like the night sky with the constellations on it. The bed was a loft bed, and it was built in. Below it were cubbyholes where I put books and random stuff in. I also had a latter that leaned up against this area. From that bedroom, I was fascinated with the stars, and loft beds. As well as bookshelves. 

Another thing that I find cool about houses, and interiors are secret rooms, like this one. It’s a little creepy, but it is a neat idea to me. The only question that haunts my mind is, what parent would do this for their child? It’s creepy in that way. However! I’ve always wanted a secret room, with a bookshelf that turned or a large painting gets removed and you crawl through a hole in the wall to an office. Or a trap door covered by a piece of carpet. That sounds pretty cool and imaginative.

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