Divergent and other things…

I cannot wait for the movie Divergent to come out on March 21 2014, which is exactly one month before my birthday. Anyway, I just saw Catching Fire today, and it was the biggest cliff hanger ever! In the previews, I saw divergent, and it looks amazing! I read the book in two days, then I read the second one in a day. My mother is reading the newest one, Allegiant now, so I am waiting on her. She already told me a spoiler that I don’t understand.

Speaking of spoilers, is it weird that I would love to hear spoilers on movies and TV shows, but when it comes to books, I hate it. I think it is because I can use my own imagination on how things have happened, or play it out like a movie in my mind. So when people tell me things in the books, I get mad.

My views on here are sky rocketing, It’s pretty amazing! It feels really awesome too. Even if it is just a glance.

I photo-shopped even more, look at them:


This is sort of my idea for my Fantasy book. The three suns on the left and the two moons on the right. It’s not the best, but I am a beginner with a somewhat decent amount of free time.


This is my first star field, with the help of this website. I’m thinking about taking the link to planet creation.


This is my awesome and beautiful friend JoAnna. (She loves elephants). There wasn’t much to Photoshop, so I just made it look like the walls had pretty designs of elephants on them.

Once I get my camera that I want so badly, I can take my own photos and create my own photo-shopped work. I can’t wait to buy it. I get paid on Black Friday, so I am excited to go shopping!

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