A long time ago, I had this notebook that had all my ideas for a fantasy world in it. I had names for the planet, the suns, the moons, and even the different type of trees and animals. I had technical names, and people/places written down. However, i lost that notebook, and sadly, I have to restart.

This website is actually helping me! I found it while using Stumbleupon and one of my interests was writing.

At the moment, my story includes special abilities in everyone, different number of suns and moons, different levels of gravity, different hair colors, an underground city. That’s all I got.

I will add more detail to it later, although I should really work on December Never Ends, and Free Falling. I need a break for a bit.

Speaking of fantasies, As I mentioned in my post about traveling, I am listening to Swedish music, and Learning Swedish slowly. It’s pretty fun. I love the music.

Den Svenska Bjornstammen, Norlie & KKV. Melissa Horn. I love them. I am going to decipher the songs and learn that way as well.


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