What I am doing right now, browsing the web and avoiding everything that can change my life. Sure writing and stumbling upon that great website every once in a blue moon can change my life, but not by very much. I could be working out, brushing my teeth, searching for another job to work part time, or I could be focusing on writing my stories, but right now I want to browse the web and waste time. That's my bad habit. I don't put things that are more important first. I need to come up with a set schedule to figure my life out and give me the best of almost each world; the day time(working, exercise, friends) and the night time(blogging, reading, internet fun). I mix those up all the time, it would just be amazing if I could not sleep at all and be perfectly fine, but I can't. I love sleeping. I love doing everything else as well. Why can't it be easy?

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