Grandpa’s Pride: Flavor at it’s best.

The name of this post says what it means. It’s my grandpa’s pride, his joy, and his dream. It’s his American Dream that he thought up while driving across the country. The chip dips that he created were amazing, and still are. The are timeless and there is nothing out there that tastes as good as his dips. 
I remember my grandfather telling me a story about when I tried different dips. He grabbed a few different flavors from the supermarket and he made up his own. He laughed as he told me how I would always prefer his dips rather than the store bought kind.
This dream of his started up when he was driving across the country. During that time, he injured his back and couldn’t work anymore, the doctor even told him that he couldn’t work again, but my grandfather proved him wrong.
That was a time where he wanted to build a complex for paraplegics and quadriplegics.
That’s where it started, for Grandpa’s Pride. He wants to get enough money to build a complex, but he also wants the company to last through the generations.
I discussed with him, and if his life suddenly ended, I would make his dream come true.

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