On a random note, my kitty took my foot pillow. He’s adorable.

On another note, I’m still waiting approval on my one bedroom apartment. My mother is in consideration for my co signer.

I have s few cute baking ideas for Halloween. I want to make some of it for co-workers and I need to make my friend Larae a rainbow cake or dessert of some sort. She is in some insane love with rainbows. It’s awesome.

I went running a bit ago, and I did pretty well. I need to get in a normal schedule with it, it’s tough though. I’m so tired after work but regular exercise will help me.

I also just noticed on my phone, when I use the Swype keyboard with my stylus(I have the note 2) the yellow trace line fades to nothing after the pen lifts off the screen.

I have ADD.

I hope I get the apartment. I need 200 dollars and I will be pretty secure. I’m excited. I’ve always wanted to be responsible for myself, pay for everything and not rely on others. I don’t like owing money and I don’t like being dependant. Im still 18 so it sucks that I need a co signer for it, but my mother said yes, so that’s awesome. I hope I get it though. If I don’t, I might scream at my father. I wouldn’t get it because of her bad credit, and that is my dad’s fault, he used her name for things and never paid off the bills. Thanks to him, we have debt.
But that’s a long, confusing, and disappointing story. I feel like my life is getting together in some way.

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