I have this Goji Berry tea from the Stash company. It smells amazing and tastes pretty amazing too. I love it, it is my favorite. To make it better, I bought a tea put and cups for 20 dollars at Stuff; a new store in the town. That place its amazing.
Here’s my day, 7 to 3:30. I made 60 cookies, about two desert trays, took a long order, got asked a bunch of questions. Made 2 batches of carrot cake that can cut 24 portions. Then I helped on lunch. I took a break went back, two pans of magic bars or seven layer bars, each pan makes 24 I believe. Worked on brownies and that makes 3 pans and one pan of brownies gets portioned out to 54. Then I made two cookie doughs and had a couple minutes to clean up and get out. Today was my bulky day. I have a bit to do tomorrow but not as much. It was fun. Thursday has a lot of orders but that is okay.

After work, my co-worker Jo and I went to a bar and grill to meet up with our other co-workers, Mel and Lindsey for taco Tuesday. We sat and talked, pretty much had a girl’s night. It was fun. I felt like I had a life. After that, Jo and I left to go to the company Stuff; we met up with Lindsey, Jeremy(her boyfriend), and her son Keegan. We all window shopped and that’s where I bought the tea set. I want to go back there and get a piano, a desk and some other cool things. That place its my new favorite. I also got an app there for a part time job. I want more money, and I do nothing at home anyway.

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