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Inspiration leaks in ‘cool’ places

I've never really blogged from a strange place before! I blogged via Note 2 from work, and home, and after a run. I also blogged in the car or at the library, however, I never blogged anywhere strange.

Now, summer of 2014, or spring, which ever type of weather I can handle better; I will make a goal to blog about anything that happens at any place! Say I'm on a slide or something, or I just got done swimming or off a plane! I can't think of strange places, I think they'd be cool places. Everywhere is special if you blog there! INSPIRATION.

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When I hear a beautiful song, if the song is happy or sad, I become over emotional. I'm filled with a mix of happiness, envy, and joy. It overflows with tears or my breath catches in my throat and its hard to breathe. When something is amazingly beautiful, it's intense and I feel it. I really feel it.

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On a random note, my kitty took my foot pillow. He’s adorable.

On another note, I’m still waiting approval on my one bedroom apartment. My mother is in consideration for my co signer.

I have s few cute baking ideas for Halloween. I want to make some of it for co-workers and I need to make my friend Larae a rainbow cake or dessert of some sort. She is in some insane love with rainbows. It’s awesome.

I went running a bit ago, and I did pretty well. I need to get in a normal schedule with it, it’s tough though. I’m so tired after work but regular exercise will help me.

I also just noticed on my phone, when I use the Swype keyboard with my stylus(I have the note 2) the yellow trace line fades to nothing after the pen lifts off the screen.

I have ADD.

I hope I get the apartment. I need 200 dollars and I will be pretty secure. I’m excited. I’ve always wanted to be responsible for myself, pay for everything and not rely on others. I don’t like owing money and I don’t like being dependant. Im still 18 so it sucks that I need a co signer for it, but my mother said yes, so that’s awesome. I hope I get it though. If I don’t, I might scream at my father. I wouldn’t get it because of her bad credit, and that is my dad’s fault, he used her name for things and never paid off the bills. Thanks to him, we have debt.
But that’s a long, confusing, and disappointing story. I feel like my life is getting together in some way.

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Sunday food.

Im pretty addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. I’m taking a break from it, because all I do is sit and watch it. It’s unhealthy, so I decided to get out and eat at hu-hot with an old friend. It’s nice.
I’ve been looking back in my old journals and I’ve been thinking of designing my body for tattoos. I’m kinda excited. I just need to get a desk downstairs. I’ve been unmotivated.
I plan on getting a tattoo on Friday, maybe L-shaped desk and a piano.
Life is weird right now and I like it. It’s a nice change of pace and its good.

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I have this Goji Berry tea from the Stash company. It smells amazing and tastes pretty amazing too. I love it, it is my favorite. To make it better, I bought a tea put and cups for 20 dollars at Stuff; a new store in the town. That place its amazing.
Here’s my day, 7 to 3:30. I made 60 cookies, about two desert trays, took a long order, got asked a bunch of questions. Made 2 batches of carrot cake that can cut 24 portions. Then I helped on lunch. I took a break went back, two pans of magic bars or seven layer bars, each pan makes 24 I believe. Worked on brownies and that makes 3 pans and one pan of brownies gets portioned out to 54. Then I made two cookie doughs and had a couple minutes to clean up and get out. Today was my bulky day. I have a bit to do tomorrow but not as much. It was fun. Thursday has a lot of orders but that is okay.

After work, my co-worker Jo and I went to a bar and grill to meet up with our other co-workers, Mel and Lindsey for taco Tuesday. We sat and talked, pretty much had a girl’s night. It was fun. I felt like I had a life. After that, Jo and I left to go to the company Stuff; we met up with Lindsey, Jeremy(her boyfriend), and her son Keegan. We all window shopped and that’s where I bought the tea set. I want to go back there and get a piano, a desk and some other cool things. That place its my new favorite. I also got an app there for a part time job. I want more money, and I do nothing at home anyway.

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Lifestyle Change

I don’t remember the last time I said I was going to change and then give up. It’s been quite a few times, but I am serious this time and determined. I want to get back on track with the start of a new life. It’s super difficult with all the sweets from my job surrounding me. I’m building my will power up. I’m going to eat a salad every day, eat breakfast. I want to feel amazing. Tumblr fitblrs are helpful and pinterest is too.
I’ve been working out for three days now, tomorrow is my rest day so I will go on a quick jog or walk around the city.
On the first I started with:
30 squats
15 crunches
15 sit ups
10 push ups
10 dumbbell curls
10 dumbbell overhead extensions
10 lateral raises
And I could only manage 1 1/2 pull ups.

Every day I’m adding 5, and if I can’t manage anymore if one exercise, I’m going to keep that same number until I can do it easy then bump it up.

I’m trying. I’m cutting down my eating habits, which is so difficult. I don’t drink soda anymore and I’ve been getting plenty of sleep. I’m changing slowly.

It’s a nice feeling, getting stronger. It’s just hard to get out of a comfortable bed and actually do things. Lately I just want to lay in bed and rot and I don’t like feeling that way. I don’t want to feel that way, so I am going to try hard not to. There is just a lot of stress on my shoulders and it’s messing with my health as well.

My mother’s health is kind of going down the drain, and I can’t really be there for her, I don’t know how to and she doesn’t want help.
My father moved out-of-state with his girlfriend and whenever I call, he brings up the topic of ‘Paige moving to Wisconsin.’
My job stress is finally calming down, though it peaks every couple of days. I’m trying to think of other things that don’t stress me out. I wish I could listen to music, I would have so much more done.
The people who I am living with are wanting to move out and the people who want to move in, well are complicated. The bills would be split between two until her boyfriend gets a job. I don’t make enough to cover half the bills and have money for myself, so I am going to find a part-time job to have some extra money. I’ll maybe find some roommates too because the people who want to move in, might not move in if they can find something cheaper. I’d prefer to live on my own anyway because, I don’t like people.

It’s stressing, and hard to deal with but, I am working on it everyday and it’s getting better.