Inspiration leaks in ‘cool’ places

I've never really blogged from a strange place before! I blogged via Note 2 from work, and home, and after a run. I also blogged in the car or at the library, however, I never blogged anywhere strange. Now, summer of 2014, or spring, which ever type of weather I can handle better; I will… Continue reading Inspiration leaks in ‘cool’ places


On a random note, my kitty took my foot pillow. He's adorable. On another note, I'm still waiting approval on my one bedroom apartment. My mother is in consideration for my co signer. I have s few cute baking ideas for Halloween. I want to make some of it for co-workers and I need to… Continue reading Cats


I have this Goji Berry tea from the Stash company. It smells amazing and tastes pretty amazing too. I love it, it is my favorite. To make it better, I bought a tea put and cups for 20 dollars at Stuff; a new store in the town. That place its amazing. Here's my day, 7… Continue reading Tea

Lifestyle Change

I don't remember the last time I said I was going to change and then give up. It's been quite a few times, but I am serious this time and determined. I want to get back on track with the start of a new life. It's super difficult with all the sweets from my job… Continue reading Lifestyle Change