The Night

A night with you, is a night that I longed for. 

A night with you, is my dream come true.

A night spent with you, is a night that I wasn’t alone.

That night I spent with you, was a night where I felt whole.

It was a night that I wish never ended.

It was a night that switched to morning.

That morning, I woke up alone and thought of you. 

I wish to wake up to one I love; cuddle in bed, stare at your sleeping face, and hear the words “Good Morning,” 

Because if I woke up with you, then it really is a good morning.

It would be a beautiful morning, next to a beautiful person. 

The beautiful person whom I think I love.

Or like, or am infatuated with.

Whatever the feeling.

The night with you and dreams of waking with you, is beautiful.

I would feel whole.


Okay, this might not make any sense, I was ranting a bit because of the night I had. It was amazing, and like I said, I wish it never ended. 

Today, I woke up alone. I used to never realize it, but today I just felt alone, lately I have been feeling like that. This week has been crazy, and sweet. A guy I have some sort of feelings for messages me and I hang out with some new people that I’d like to call my friends. I feel like this recent horrible plot twist that happened is turning out alright for me, because lets be honest, some of the things that stress me out right at the moment won’t matter in a few days, weeks, months, or years. Every day is different, and I am trying to change my perspective of how I view my life. 

I moved out of my trailer, and I like with a friend pretty much in the center of my town. I don’t need a car at the moment, so I’m good with walking, besides it’s healthy for me. I cleaned a lot today and I am unpacking slowly. I have to work tomorrow so I might go to bed early and then get up early to work out and wake up. I want to be healthy, so I am going to try. Junk food makes me happy for a short amount of time, but the results get me so down, I need to change. I may not like eating healthy at first but I am sure I will love it later on when I am used to it. 

I wanted to update my life and write a little bit before I get back to more cleaning and unpacking. 

Thanks for reading and sticking with me.

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