Wrecking Ball

So, I can’t get enough of Miley’s song Wrecking Ball. Personally, I think it is amazing. The lyrics, it’s pretty true to heart and they speak to me. The video is strange, but that’s okay. It’s pretty emotional. 

Just to put my opinion out there, I think Miley is awesome just the way she is. Sure she’s made bad choices in life, but everyone does. I think everyone freaks out because she was a Disney star. Miley is beautiful and awesome to me, she is doing what she wants and being who she wants to be. She’s not listening to the criticism that’s coming her way, and she’s ignoring all the judgement.

On another note, I got a bunch of boxes from work, so I am going to pack at some point and possibly move in with a friend. It’ll be closer to work, and in town. This house is kind of painful lately. I want to get out, and I want to do things differently. 

I’m writing in a journal every night, It’s all my depressing thoughts, so no one should ever read it. I need to get my bad thoughts out somehow but I don’t want people to freak, and I don’t talk to people anymore either.

I’m becoming pretty secluded. I need, NEED, to figure myself out. I say I have, but since I am like this.. I obviously haven’t. I can’t deal with anything right now. It’s hard to push through work, I wish I could just take a few days or a week off and just focus on doing things that I love, and work on myself. I even told my friends that I can’t hang out like I used to. I get the happiest and saddest with any little thing. I am switching emotions like a flickering light. I don’t want that light to burn out so I need to stop letting it flicker. 

It’s all so depressing. I hate it. I don’t want to reach my breaking point. 

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