The internet isn't very good here, so I haven't been on the computer much, to make things better, my cell phone doesn't charge fast either. I'm fine with it, due I can't contact people asap, but now I have time to write and read or do other more important things. I think this is a… Continue reading Reading

The Night

A night with you, is a night that I longed for. A night with you, is my dream come true.A night spent with you, is a night that I wasn't alone.That night I spent with you, was a night where I felt whole.It was a night that I wish never ended.It was a night that switched… Continue reading The Night


A strange dream of mine is t9 meet a guy offline.  I wan to to get to know him and eventually fall in love with him over texting, instant messaging, skype, and all sorts of other ways. Eventually I wish to save up money and meet him, no matter how far away he is. I… Continue reading Dreams

Wrecking Ball

So, I can't get enough of Miley's song Wrecking Ball. Personally, I think it is amazing. The lyrics, it's pretty true to heart and they speak to me. The video is strange, but that's okay. It's pretty emotional. Just to put my opinion out there, I think Miley is awesome just the way she is. Sure… Continue reading Wrecking Ball