So, I am done with giving myself crappy views. At least I hope I am. I am going to sleep in tonight, and wake up fresh.

I will get everything in order again.

Tonight was really fun. I went to HuHot with some friends, and I spotted 4 cute guys. My friend Jake was willing to sort of help out. He asked on guy, who had a girlfriend. Then we decided on the waiter to help, he asked the chef, girlfriend. Then they sent another waiter over, sadly… Taken as well. IS THIS THE TIME OF YEAR WHERE EVERY ATTRACTIVE MALE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!? Oh well. We left a pretty nice tip. I left my number just in case they get single any time soon!! I also gave a link to my blog, because that is a healthy way to promote it. 

After HuHot, we went man hunting and winded up in Panera Bread where we happened to stumble across a trio of guys and one of them actually gave me his number, and we’ve been texting. It’s nice actually! 

I have to go to bed though. That’s the highlight of my night, besides not going to bed since… 10 am on the 25th of August. 


The Heart of The Earth: Part Two

“Juliet!” Her mother calls early in the morning. “Juliet! Where are you!?” She is frantic, can’t stop worrying. She finds Rains’ father at the construction site, “Cyan! Have you seen your boy?” She asks. “No, I was looking around a bit but I couldn’t find him. I fear he might have been near the forest… Continue reading The Heart of The Earth: Part Two


When I first started this blog, I never got any views for more than one day. Now I get views everyday, and that makes me so happy. I plan to spread my blog around ankeny! Somehow. I just need to write about more interesting things. 

Other than that, my mother is really getting me angry. She doesn’t understand how I feel, she says that she does, but she doesn’t even act like a family. Another thing, I am pretty much a newbie at driving(though I think I’m awesome at it), she likes to yell at me when I am driving, and that is a no-no. She tells me things when her judgement is impaired and seriously! I get in trouble for keeping us safe. It’s annoying and I want to get my license and then I want to move out. Living here is too stressful.