Hey, guys! I got great news! I am

Hey, guys! I got great news! I am going full time at my work place, in July! It turns out that our baker, Betty, is moving home, and I am replacing her. I am going to be gone for the week of June 16-23 on a trip to MN. Then I will be back, but the rest of this week, Wednesday-Saturday, I will be 7am to 230pm. Then the week after I get back, it will be everyday 7am to 230pm except Wednesday. Then Starting July 1st, I will be on my own, Monday through Friday 7AM to 330PM. It’s 130 am, and today I work at 4pm, it is my last night at Palmers and the 29th, is my last Saturday at Palmers. I’m kind of sad, because i grew with all the night people, I will miss them, but I know all the day people so that’s alright.

I’m getting my tattoo at the end of next week, when I am back from my trip so I can do stuff. I guess. I’m excited. I am talking to this guy I’ve had my eye on for a bit. It’s fun and spontaneous. 

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