My room is a mess. My mother yelled at me to find the mail key when I told her I don’t have it. I yelled at her too, so I can’t blamer her. I told her, though, to get out of my room. I’m not dealing with her shit anymore. The reason why I end up yelling, is because she is yelling at me. She knows how to talk. 

Then she yelled at my dad about it. They started fighting and he yelled at her more because she changed around the dishes in the cabinets. REALLY? That is something to get seriously angry about? He threw the plastic containers on the ground!? My dad is stupid sometimes, but that isn’t the big problem here. My mom got super angry. I heard her yell “Oh throwing plastic makes you a big boy? How about this?” She threw all of the plates and bowls he bought and threw them on the floor. It was kind of scary. I wanted out. I ended up staying though because no one could kidnap me. I walked out there after dad and holly left, and she looked at me with a huge smile on her face. All I was thinking is “That’s not fucking funny.”  I didn’t say anything though. Apparently I don’t have a right because she is my mother, but I think I should still tell her how her actions effect me. However, I think that would hurt her a lot. She likes to take all my words for a joke whenever I am serious with her. 

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