My Memorial Morning.

The first sight that I saw today: the grey light illuminating my bedroom.

The first sound that I heard today: the neighbor dog barking.

The first scent I smelled today: the faint scent of the incense that I burned last night.

The first sensation I felt today: the feeling of my muscles being stretched.

When I woke up, I saw the shadows all around my room, the light from my window was not a bright pinkish color, like you see in all the perfect films, it was a greyish color. The color was dull yet full of life, and a new day. At first, the color brought me down and led me to do nothing for most of the day, but as the day went on and I remembered that I woke up pretty great, I was able to accomplish things. This mornings light that shone through the cracks of my blinds brought light into my bedroom and told me that it was time to accomplish something today. I feel good about today, this memorial day. The sky may have been dreary as I woke up, but later on, it because beautiful. Everything must get worse before it gets better.

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