My day went like this….

Today I worked out quite a bit. I did a full body workout; arms, legs, back, and core. Then I went for a quick jog around the neighborhood. At first I didn’t want to work out at all, but Monday is my rest day for the week. I am going to be running a 5K soon.

I did some stretched before the work out, I can touch my toes without the strain of my muscles. (My muscles have a little stretch, but not to the point where it is painful). It felt nice, and it was worth is.

I guess I can record what I eat today too.

This morning, I had a school breakfast, consisted of pancakes, orange juice and chocolate milk. Then at lunch I had a chicken sandwich with ranch, applesauce and milk again. I ate a mint, and a tootsie roll. Then for my dinner I had a salad, small. And now I am going to eat my roll that I have. It’s wheat.

Salad: Romaine, Iceberg, Spinach

Peas, Red Pepper, Carrots, Mozzarella

Two eggs, turkey

Two scoops of home-made ranch, and Creamy Garlic. With croutons.

I drank mostly water, and milk today. I had one soda.  I also had a half of a cookie and a bite of Tuna salad sandwich.

I get paid next week Friday, and I am going to sign myself up for the Color run in July, and I might also do the H20 run as well.

Today was really fun. I didn’t end up doing homework, instead I played Minecraft with my friend. It was pretty cool. Now I have been messing around on my computer, and stuff. I’m going to head to bed pretty soon!

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