May 1st

It’s may day today, I would give out may baskets, but I don’t have money, nor the time. I have a lot to do. I have less than two weeks to get grades to where I want them, and that is harder than any workout I have ever done. The internet is distracting and so is life around me. I wish I could do nothing and then graduate. But I can’t.

I got my ID at the D.O.T. today, and I happened to see the really cute guy I met yesterday. He was knocking door to door and he was cute to me. Tall, skinny, and handsome. He was a little attractive too. I saw him yesterday and then I saw him today, and he said that he remembers my face but not my mothers, which made me feel special. He kept looking at me, and it was cute. To me. I wish I knew his name, I forgot it from yesterday because I didn’t plan on seeing him ever again. He knows where I live if he wants to see me.

I have to write this English paper now, I just wanted to throw in an update for the beginning of May.

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