I’m on my free period right now, on a Wednesday. It’s a late start day and I woke up just fine. Benny, my new cat, was the sweetest this morning. ImageI love him so much. He gets pretty annoying though.  He loves me. He has his front claws and I will not declaw him either. Too much money.

Uh, today is a bit depressing. I was looking though all my Facebook photos, and I saw some of Bryce and I. I got sad and happy, ugh. I miss the fun times with him. I remember before we broke up he said that we should do more dates and stuff… Well, I guess that will never happen. He wouldn’t want to date me now anyway. Too much stuff to deal with, and it’s mostly me. I’m not a fun person to handle. I depend on people way too much, not anymore though. I am kind of distancing myself from everyone, I don’t want to be a burden like always. I’m a needy person, a lonely person, and an emotional person. I am a hard partner to deal with so I have somewhat accepted that I will be alone for a long time. Half of my self is shouting to give up, but the other half just whispers words that keep me going, with some sort of weak hope that, sadly, will never go away.

This post is getting depressing. 

Schools out soon! I get out on the 14th of May. It’s gonna be boring!

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