I went to the ISU Campus in Ames today, we had a trip to the library for our papers. 

My paper is about the Health benefits of Yoga and why people should give it a good try. It’s a persuasive research paper. When I was looking at all the books I found, they were amazing and it made me love yoga even more. My practice tonight was peaceful and calm. I had the strength and I pushed my self a little. I felt amazing, and I felt like I was doing something worth while. 

Anyway, point one of the college library… Cute guys. Point two, peaceful and relaxing-I can get work done and stuff. Point three, I love to people watch, and that was quite entertaining. Going to that campus made me want to go to college there, but I won’t. By the way, the tiers were amazing. The tiers were part of the old building before they added on and when you walked in them, it felt like you were in some horror movie, claustrophobic and all. There were books all around, and the stairs were literally stacked on top of each other, so perfect that you wouldn’t be able to hit your head. I loved it. 

The bus ride home was alright, I slept a bit. Then I got to school, and all was fine until I passed him and got on the bus. I was sad again. When I transferred to the other bus, my thoughts were raging and I cried so hard, my friend Sam comforted me and it made me cry harder because at the time I thought no one would care and then right as that depressing thought came to mind I felt a hand rubbing my back, so I cried harder. I talked it out a bit, avoiding full detail. I got home, procrastinated, and then I did yoga, and more procrastinating. It was a non-productive, emotional day. I’m deleting my twitter. I might delete my Facebook. Get rid of extra distractions. 

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