Well, I think I am off today. I am going to lie here, get little to no sleep. Dream about days where there was fun and love in my life. Days where I didn’t feel completely empty and in need of some pain. I am going to lie here because I can’t do anything to … More

What a great week it’s been, not! I’m talking with Nick again, and we have been talking about our relationship and it’s making me upset, and on top of that, I have been thinking about Bryce a lot more than I should. What do I do?


I’m on my free period right now, on a Wednesday. It’s a late start day and I woke up just fine. Benny, my new cat, was the sweetest this morning. I love him so much. He gets pretty annoying though.  He loves me. He has his front claws and I will not declaw him either. Too … More Randomness


I went to the ISU Campus in Ames today, we had a trip to the library for our papers.  My paper is about the Health benefits of Yoga and why people should give it a good try. It’s a persuasive research paper. When I was looking at all the books I found, they were amazing … More Run-Down


I felt like I was over my ex, but it seems like I’m not. I haven’t made direct eye contact with him really, and today I unintentionally did. I lost my breath. A while back I cried a lot. I’ve been sad lately and I just feel like I will be alone for a while. … More Pain


I am going to delete my Twitter account. I don’t really use it. It’s boring and useless. On Tumblr, my friend was talking about herself in a bad light, and I know how that feels. Thanks to my passions, I have discovered myself and I am seriously… different. These are the words I told her, … More Feelings


Hey, everyone. If anyone still reads. I’ve been absent for a while now. I am sorry. I have been coming and going from places that I have been too a lot. By places, I mean websites. It’s 12:47 AM right now, I finished watching a Korean movie. It was pretty good.  My 18th birthday is … More Recent


Hey, people who check my blog. My views probably went down a lot, but I don’t mind at all.  I’ve been pretty negligent of my blog sadly. I have been gone from school a lot. I was gone for 4 days when I got a tooth pulled. And, I missed a week just this week due to … More Hello