Laughing Still

As, everyone who reads my blog knows, I went to the dentist and I got my tooth pulled and stitched. I’m not supposed to talk much, or laugh, or strain the area. Unfortunately, I have been failing at that task, but I haven’t ripped a stitch. 

I’ve been watching this youtuber recently and I love him. Here’s his URL. 

A note to you Mark, if you ever want to read this, I seriously love your videos, you make my day in every video of yours. You make me laugh and you can make me cry(of course, it’s the fun kind). I have been home sick for two days now and I am watching your Drunk Minecraft season 1 videos non stop, and I can hear my mother yelling at me to shut up because I am not supposed to laugh, but I can’t help it! They are too funny and it makes me happy! I thought I should let you know that I love what you do and I just love you. Is that weird? Probably, but whatever. I hope you read this someday, if not… well alrighty then. 

Thanks for reading, and I suggest everyone to check out his videos! They are amazing.

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