Hello there, lately I haven’t been that busy, I have just been very distracted. I’m on YouTube a lot, which surprises me in a lot of ways. I am also Tumblr quite a bit too.

I have been doing yoga, almost everyday so far. I was going to do it yesterday, however my video wouldn’t play, so I couldn’t do it. It made me sad, because of this really good workout on there.

I haven’t been drinking soda or eating candy for a while, but today I accidentally and purposefully did. I had one cookie, and a can of Coca Cola. The cookie was accidental, I realized I was eating sugar when I was halfway done with it, it kinda made me sad. Then, just a few minutes ago, I grabbed a soda. I regret it now, because it just gave me a headache. But, I needed some quick, cold caffeine so I don’t fall asleep.

Edit 3.27

So I never finished that post last time, so I will put two days into one big post. I don’t remember what I was going to finish with that post, it’s always just an update.

Today, I got my tooth pulled, finally. I was so nervous, when I got a tooth pulled before, it hurt really bad, so I got really nervous this time. This time around, only one needle hurt, and it hurt, I almost cried. I have a bad pain tolerance I guess. They pulled the tooth out and then they had to stitch up the socket because my tooth had grown into my sinus area, so there was a hole there. They stitched part of the tissue from my cheek to the socket, and there is this irritating tightness that’s constant unless I am on my medication. I have to be extra careful, so I don’t rip a stitch and have to get the process all over again.

I ended up going back to school, I always get so nervous when I don’t go to school, and I feel awkward and behind. I haven’t been able to focus on anything today. It really sucks, and I might not be able to focus tomorrow too. I have a feeling it’s going to hurt worst tomorrow, good thing I have meds. My mother gave me the choice to stay home and if I do, I will probably clean my room and do my laundry.

I’ve been laying in bed since I got home at four thirty, and I’ve been in a constant irritation, but it’s becoming normal now. I feel like my socket is bleeding, or it’s just the taste of flesh, like metallic, the taste of blood. It’s probably the taste of flesh.

You know, the meds make me sick and lose my appetite  I bought this sandwich from my work, and now it just sounds unappealing and I want to puke, but it’s probably my meds that make me have an upset stomach. And what makes me really upset, is that I can not do my certain yoga poses that I love, like inversions and bends. I can not be upside down or bend over. It’s sad. On another note, i need to save up money for a new laptop for some games that I would like to play.

I also just realized that I am a bit high from my meds, and I only noticed that when I stood up and talked and stuff like that. I’m a strange person. I am now going to rest a lot more and fall asleep watching Youtube and stuff. See ya later!



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