Today is the last day for my desire of sweets. 

I ate a lot of oreos and drank some pop. I declared that this is the last time that I was indulge in the sweetness. I want to be healthy, so I am going to start tomorrow for sure. I’m going to drink water and eat healthy. I will practice Yoga and I will practice on learning. I will fix my motivation and I will fix my determination. 

It’s going to be hard, I want to already give up, but I won’t. This is my way towards happiness and a better life overall. It’s better for me and everyone else around me.

I’m getting sick of being unmotivated and lazy. I want to change everything and I am getting sick of needing to depend on other people. I need only myself and my family. I even need to change some of my friends and everything else. 

I might be moving as well. My mother, brother, Vanessa, and I are trying to save money so we can move to Des Moines. It’d be a nice change. I will keep my job still, I enjoy it too much to quit, and everybody likes me too-at least, I’d like to believe that, and so I will. 

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