I’ve been pretty busy last month. I wasn’t able to beat the number of posts I had, but I can make up for it. I’ve been doing my homework, and I have been working a lot. It’s fun and I enjoy it, I just don’t do as much as I used to. I still am going to try to post once each day! It’s going to be hard with all my hours, but it doesn’t hurt to try. I can always post off of my phone.

I’m talking to a lot of people that I haven’t talked to in a while. I am talking to my ex, Nick, and I generally miss his goofiness around here. Him and I did start off as friends and it was pretty crazy, and now we are friends again. My feelings for him are resolved thanks to a new dilemma, however, I am getting better and dealing with my emotions. It won’t take a year this time to stop wanting Bryce. I can handle this.

My mother has yet to schedule a doctors appointment, and I am pretty nervous for it. I’ve been slightly sick for a while and I keep hacking up stuff, I wonder what’s wrong. I am also nervous just because I haven’t gotten a check up in a long time. It’s been a couple years. I need to go to the dentist, but I can’t make the appointment because I am not 18 yet.

There is 52 days until I turn 18. It’s nervewracking. There is also 51 days until prom. I don’t have a date. It’s pretty awesome. I am only going to go to prom because my birthday is at midnight and I want my day to start off at afterprom, which is pretty fun. I still wanted to go to prom with Bryce, but I am pretty sure that isn’t going to happen with how things are going.

Things just couldn’t get easier, huh. My mothers friend Jason may move out of state and she would go with them. And she says that if she goes, her kids have to go to, but I said no. I like where I live right now. It’s not the best place, but it’s good. I love my job and I plan to be going to college after or during this summer. I want to take some online classes. Oh, supposedly everyone gets senioritis at the end of senior year in highschool, well I think mine has flipped. I am actually doing my homework and it’s pretty weird. It’s not that bad, funny to say.

So this co-worker of mine, I like all my co-workers to an extent.. However, this girl. I followed her on Twitter, and a couple days after I followed her, I noticed that I didn’t recieve any of her tweets. I found out that it was because she blocked me from following her. That confuses me, and it makes me feel disliked and even more outcasted. I don’t get the big deal, I really wish some people would just tell me straight to my face that they don’t like me. I do it to people. I have yet to do it to one person in my 7th period class, but I don’t know her so I can’t say it. I still get the slight feeling that everyone hates me though. It’s irritating and I try not to think like that. I’ll write later tonight, or I will try.

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