I have been sick since Monday, the 11th. I don’t know what I have, I just know it sucks. 

At some point last week, I decided to try to get my ex back. It didn’t work at all. I tried, I could of probably tried harder, but I didn’t want to be a pain or a nuisance. I probably already was. People asked me why I wanted him back. I replied with “out of all of the people I dated, he made me feel secure and I was just happy being with him.” That’s over now. He told me were done, and I am pretty sure he is not the type to hang out with me either… Oh well. 

When I worked on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was let off earlier than normal because I was sick. I was feeling better later in the week anyway and I stayed till close on Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, I worked 7am to 4pm. It was pretty easy going. My mind has been wandering around, and I realized I no longer think of my first love. He comes to mind rarely, and now my second love as I like to put it, comes to mind a bit more. I see things that remind me of him or I hear people talking about things that remind me of him. I’m getting used to it. I stopped crying. 

Yesterday I was hanging out with Layne. We went to Urbandale and checked out half-price book store. It was my first time going there and I bought three things: two books and some sticky notes. After that we left to go to Ci Ci’s pizza and we laughed at some of the people in there. It was really funny. That’s what happens when you have fun. After Ci Ci’s we left and we were heading home, and I said “Lets go to council bluffs” he said no, even though he offered in the first place. He said he was kidding. So then I suggested Ames to go shopping.  He filled up his tank, I braided my hair and we headed towards Ames. While we were driving I was jamming to some techno music and he was doing it as well. It was hilarious because the car next to us started staring and laughing at us! It was really fun. We got lost, because we passed Ames. We headed back and finally made it, and then we found this book store that I don’t remember the name of. It was really cool. There was a lot of Manga and it was heaven for me. I looked at the writing section references and bought some more things. I also bought a fountain pen and two normal ones that say ‘Le pen’ on the side. Layne and I were at the front of the store looking at stuff and he saw this spray bottle and he didn’t pay attention to what it read. He sprayed it on his hand and automatically loved it. He said it smelled amazing and I told him that it was for the toilet bowl before you poop. The bottle said Poo on it. I laughed so hard. He thought it was French for perfume. That was hilarious. We talked to the cashier and he seemed really familiar. He said he was from our town and for some reason we got him name so we could find him on Facebook. I talk to him from time to time. After that we went to a McDonalds because I saw this cute guy in the window. We went in and ordered. They messed up my order and I got a new one and another free Oreo Mcflurry. It was awesome. But what was really funny, was the cashier there. We talked to her and I told her about the two cute boys in the back and she talked to them. They called over to me and smiled and just nodded their head at me. It was awesome. I ended up getting one of their numbers because the other guy had a girlfriend who likes to attack him. That’s… Awkward. I text the other, his name is Brian. He actually texts me. It’s nice. He has school today, so he doesn’t text much, but it is fun. I have small interest in him, but we have a common interest over drawing. I don’t think anything will happen with him. 

After Ames, I got home and I skyped with my best friend Holiday. It was awesome. So much fun. I love her. Yesterday was the best day ever. I’ve never had that much fun before.

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