I thought I was done with the crying. 

I was at work, it was all good and happy, then I suddenly felt a little sick, and I started getting emotional. I went to the bathroom, and I started crying… I just wanted to keep crying, but I somehow stopped and finished closing salads. I got invited to work out with Devon and Sydney. He yelled to everyone if they wanted to join, but no one other than me took up the offer. I worked out, and I felt better. To be honest, I want to cry right now, I will try to hold back.

I cried myself to sleep last night. I am such a cry baby. When my ex boyfriend(of a year ago) and I broke up, I went to counselling. It didn’t really help. This time, I think… I am just going to cry when it is appropriate. 

What really makes me sad… a lot of people are saying that my ex(current) doesn’t seem to messed up about it. It makes me sad and doubtful, but he is busy. I don’t know. I really don’t know. I am cleaning my room right now, but actually… I am going to sleep soon. I got distracted. 

I hope things can look up for me soon. I am trying hard to show a normal face. 

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