School has been going well for me. My grades are a-okay, and I am getting my homework in almost all the time, it’s on time. I need to read a book by tomorrow, well.. It isn’t that hard. It is only hard if I don’t read it, which I am not doing. I tried to post everyday, but I have been busy, so my goal is to now get as many posts as there are in the month of January. So I need to have a total of 31 posts in this month. I know I beat my last score of 4, so I am proud in that aspect. I am disappointed that I haven’t been posting everyday. I procrastinate too much. 

I am disappointed today, because in P.E. I didn’t get my 15 minutes of exercise. I was supposed to run for 10 minutes and I only got 2 minutes of running, and 5 minutes of walking. I did some Yoga beforehand and I was teaching my friend some of it. (it’s hard for her to learn it)

I have three cats now, Charlie, Baby, and Precious. 

This is Charlie!Image


This is Baby,ImageA

And this is the newest, Precious!!!


Cats… Gotta love ’em!


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