My mom, dad, and his girlfriend were all arguing. 

My mom has till Sunday to leave, and I have decided to go with her if it happens. I don’t want too. This sucks. I want everyone to stay together.

My mother does give dirty looks to his girlfriend. She talks about her behind everyone’s back and criticize’s her because she came into our lives. Mom says she is a home wrecker and to that I say “We never were a family in the first place with all the things that have been going on.” 

Holly is a nice person. My dad is a nice person, as well as my mom. My dad can think first rather than speak but overall, if you tell him something he will listen. My mom doesn’t like to hear my opinions on things if it doesn’t go with hers. But sometimes when she is in a good mood, it’s alright to tell her. 

My mom isn’t the nicest person. She says what she thinks but she is a liar as well. She doesn’t want to be seen as the bad guy in my perspective. My dad as well. Everything is going to hell. I want this all to end…

Right now, my parent’s are children. They don’t know how to settle all of this and it’s irritating me. I’m crying.

My mom tells me not to worry about it, but how can I not!? I’m in the middle. I am the child and they are separating! I have to chose one place or the other! Until I can live somewhere else….

Ugh… I can’t think anymore.

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