So far, so good.

I’m working on homework, and even though tomorrow is a late start, I still have a long yoga practice and I need some sleep tonight, so I am going to make this summary short.

I didn’t see my boyfriend at all. It was sad. I ate lunch with my best friend, Holiday. I had class with her as well. I have the first two periods the same and I am actually doing my homework for first period. I need to actually do it to get a good grade. I just need to put focus into it. It’s hard with working. I don’t have much time and I am a slow reader with text books. Um, my second period class is the same, new people for some. I am reading the book Frankenstein, it’s strange and the text is small. It’s not bad though. I have government with my friend Shannon, and I haven’t had class with her in a long time. The last time I had class with her was sophomore year, in Western Civilization. So basically history stuff. Then I have Chinese semester 2. Since I dropped last year because I was a pathetic puppy dog, I want to actually finish it, and it turns out that they are actually behind a little, so that’s good, for me. I have 5th open, so I will eat with Holiday, then sit with my boyfriend, so yay! Unless I have a lot of work to do… Um. I have digital Images 2 with Holiday, and then Psychology. I dropped it last year because I was a puppy dog who liked to follow her first love everywhere. I learned from my mistakes. Then I have P.E. last. My goal in that class is to run and work on my flexibility for my yoga. Then if I ever miss yoga, well I can do it there.

So my first day of second semester was good, I miss seeing, talking, and walking with my boyfriend, but I guess it’s okay. I have to focus on this semester and concentrate. I don’t have time to put my worries of my boyfriend and stuff in front of my homework. I don’t want to ruin my school year again. So, that is another New years, and Senior year resolution!

I started week two of 30-Day Quick start to Yoga on, it’s pretty cool. In my backpack, I have all the things I need. I have my yoga monthly agenda, I have my word notebook, my journal, my pocket muse from Barnes & Nobles, I have my school agenda, pens and pencils and markers. My two books(one for school, other is free reading) then I have all my studying stuff. 

Time to change. Why not now?

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