Today I was thinking over a lot of thing.

I thought about my argument with my mother. I thought about my future and college. I thought about my relationships. I thought about the past and the present. I thought about my goals… And a lot of other things as well.

This year, I plan to practice yoga everyday, and if I can’t make it everyday, I will make up the day practices. I have decided to cut down on bad foods and soda’s. I mostly drink chocolate milk, hot cocoa, french vanilla cappuccino, and water. I used to drink soda all of the time. I need to boost up on my water intake. I am going to try to eat breakfast everyday, and do all of my homework this semester. I need to do all of this for myself.

I never like asking people for help, and I don’t like saying no, but I have to change that. I also don’t enjoy speaking my feelings or letting people help me, but I decided I am going to let people in my heart and mind no matter how embarrassing my feelings or thoughts may sound.

I hope the last semester of my senior year is a good and memorable one.

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