I’m down in the slumps tonight. It’s been building up. The stress of my family, not seeing the people who make me smile and laugh. It’s just me, being left alone with my thoughts and memories. It’s getting me upset. Crying doesn’t help the depression, it makes it worse. 


I am lonely. 
I feel alone. 
I think I’m alone,
but I know I’m not.

Being alone,
four walls-suffocating me. 
My thoughts and feelings
left to myself.

All these thoughts.

Who can I turn to right now?
I don’t wish to bother anyone.
I wish I could deal with it
like I used to…

However, I am
not that person…
Not anymore. 
I never will be again.

I have to resist
my past ways.
It’s a dark, deep hole, 
and I’ve no plan to drop farther. 


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