In times of gre…

In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive. – Lee Iacocca

I had some extreme stress today. My mother and I got into a large argument and it pushed me on the edge. I’d always hold my my thoughts whenever we argued but, today I couldn’t. She made me late for work. She wouldn’t wake up. She said that I had to work at nine, when (for a couple weeks now) I work at 7. I tried to get her up at 6:45 but she wouldn’t wake up. We finally left around 7 and we were driving to work. She was trying to get me to help her with the truck, and I know nothing about it, or how to work it. We were arguing and yelling then she was talking about the 9 o’clock shifts that I am supposed to work and then I, of course, deny it. She says that I should have gotten her up earlier because she thought I knew she wouldn’t get up. Well, to my knowledge she was able to get me to work on time when I woke her up at 6:45. Anyway, I told her she should have woken up instead of ignoring me. She stopped the car in the middle of the street and yelled at me. I was mad, at my limit, and I was about to get out of the car and walk. I told her this, but we drove on. I got to work crying because she was calling me a bitch and selfish, but she wouldn’t justify the reasoning in calling me that. She said she didn’t care if I cried either, so I ran into work crying and I cried in the bathroom until I got my tears under control. It was hopeless though because my manager asked me what was wrong and I told her the whole story. Anyway, this story is related to the quote because I calmed down a lot after this morning because I was making cookies, and rice crispies, and I was talking about everything. I felt so much better, and after helping some customers – I felt even better. I even forgot about the morning’s incident until I had to leave. Next time, I will find a ride in the morning, Or I will walk.

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