2nd Semester starts Tuesday

After being away from school for so long… I feel exhausted after the first day.

At the beginning of my day, I did some yoga stretches to stretch my back and relax myself. I felt great the first half of the day, then I decided to try some arm  balances and managed to succeed in some, but I was doing some wrong. I am almost there.

The first arm balance I did, or also an inverted thing.. I rested my forearms on the floor and spread out my fingers to help with balance. After that I kicked up my feet and bent my back and knees so my feet hung above my head, not perfectly at the place I want them, but almost. Usually, I’ve been resting my head on the ground, but slowly I am getting a feel for the pose and I lift my head to look straight ahead of me. Eventually I want to only have my hands on the floor, and be able to steady the pose with ease. The other arm balance was basically the same but it was more like a hand stand, but my arms were bent. I also want to develop these poses further and become stronger.

For 2nd semester, I have two classes with my best friend, and one of them happens to be Phys. Ed. I can’t wait. She is going to help me with flexibility and I am going to help her with core strengthening. So then we both can have better practice with Yoga. It’s exciting. I really like this new hobby of mine.

After school got out, I hung out with Holiday, doing more Yoga. Then Patrick and Jake(our friends) joined up with us and they just decided to watch or they decided to tickle torture Holiday. Pat did all the work, Jake just stared and laughed. After that, all four of us took a trip to Dairy Queen and ate ice cream. We laughed and yelled and screamed. It gave me an epic headache, but I love being like this with friends. It’s different, and I am not used to hanging out with good friends of mine, I don’t really have a lot so, I like to treasure the moments. When back from DQ and in the parking lot of the school, we had a lot of random fun. We were talking about the most pervy things ever, and it was honestly hilarious. Holiday seemed a bit off for some reason, and I feel like I want to get the answer out of her. I do feel like I am the only one she can open up to completely. Her and I have shared a lot of things together, and I love that about my best friend. After that, Holiday got a ride home from Jake and Pat gave me a ride, and I guess him and I kind of shared a deep conversation about some aspects of life. It was different, and we were explaining friends and stuff. We were also discussing Holiday and he kind of set me off about something that she has locked inside of her, and I didn’t realize it till now. That’s always another topic for another story on another day.

Now I am home, and still exhausted, but I managed to get in my blog post today! I am going to take a quick nap, then read some stuff.


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