Get On Track

So… Here I go again. Trying to change myself and my life for the better. I’m getting tired of a lot of things and I need to take a couple of breathers with my home life. I am still trying to figure out school. I need to work harder, I say that and I am … More Get On Track


Essays, they aren’t really painful… unless you do read someting you are supposed to read. i was able to were a decent essay, at least I think so. Today we had around two hours to do whatever. i watched two movies. One was called The Sweetest Thing (it was awesome) and the other was a … More Essays

Writer Probs

I wish I didn’t have to sleep, so I could stay up and write all the time. Get all my ideas downs, and do research for all my amazing ideas. I wish I could just stay up all night and look up cool websites that can help my yearn for learning and writing. I can’t. … More Writer Probs

School has been going well for me. My grades are a-okay, and I am getting my homework in almost all the time, it’s on time. I need to read a book by tomorrow, well.. It isn’t that hard. It is only hard if I don’t read it, which I am not doing. I tried to … More


Honestly, I love mornings. I just can’t wake up, and that makes me sad.  Just thought I should point that out.


I’m amazed! Ever since I got my Ball Python (April of 2012) he never shed in a whole piece, and just today I figured out what I did! A couple days or maybe a week before he fully developed his layer of old skin, I bathed him for a couple of minutes. I will bathe … More Emlen

I’m Behind

I have a headache.  I have been coughing lately, on and off. I am just getting off my chest cold. I haven’t been doing Yoga because I feel horrible, so after this week, I will start back with week ‘2’ of my daily practice.  I’ve been kind of good with homework, though I am getting … More I’m Behind


After all that has happened tonight… I stopped crying.  I felt better after talking with Bryce, and after I read a bit.  Now I am hungry but I have to sleep. Goodnight.