December 9th

Today, the first snow has finally happened. I was partially dreading this day, I don’t always enjoy the coldness of snow, yet I like the look, texture and just the snow.  I woke up to the light fluffy snow floating to the ground, I was almost tempted to launch myself out of bed and put some clothes on, only to freeze outside, yet post on facebook about how much I like the idea of snow.

This is what I saw outside my window.

Snow Fall Isn’t it lovely? The view from my window has also changed. I will be able to see the sunset, and the sunrise(part of it). I will be able to see when Bryce parks his car, and stuff.

I like it. I changed my rooms last night, the room I am in right now is called the office, where it used to be the storage room. All the storage was moved to my old room by me. I was impatient so I did it myself. There is still some storage in here, but nothing that really bugs me, yet. I could, if I wanted to, set up my own X-mas tree since my family won’t be doing it this year… My mother says that we aren’t a family anymore.

Did I share the story?
My dad is not my real father(I have finally accepted that), he has a girlfriend or a few. He lives with my mother and I. My mother and father are married by common law, so all of my dad’s girlfriends are mistress’s and my mother has had some boyfriends. She goes out every now and then. My brother moved back in and his girlfriend basically lives here, I don’t think she likes me. That is basically it. I’ve gotten used to the craziness, sadly. I am almost 18 so, soon, I will try to move out. I hope I can find somewhere to live or someone to live with. I don’t really want to live here anymore.

Anyway, that is the story. It’s like Jerry Springer up in here.



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