So, I realize that I haven’t been posting much, and I am disappointed in myself. However, I am working on typing up more of December Never Ends. I am almost done with Chapter seven and it should be up later today. The reason why I haven’t been typing is because I am lazy. It sucks, and I don’t like being lazy. 

I am also writing a few short stories. I am trying to write a horror or a crime scene kind of story, and the other one is a zombie story, because I got sick of writing vampire prose. I knew I would get sick of it someday. Maybe after I am done with December Never Ends, I will write another vampire story.

November is coming up! National Novel Writing Month! I am going to try my hardest to write a novel in thirty days, it’s going to be exciting. During that time, I might not be posting as much as I want to, but I will still try.

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