Monday Morning

I’m actually wide awake this Monday morning. I felt like I didn’t sleep last night though. I kept waking up ever couple of hours, it made me really mad because I slept amazing one time, and I felt great. I took a shower today, it was short(for me) and somewhat sweet.
I have been thinking about what my boyfriend had told me… He said if I want to go with him to Michigan, his mom will pay for the plane ticket. I want to go, I just have to discuss this with my parents. I tend to make my own decisions since they are so lenient on me.
Graduation is around the corner, it’s a little nerve-wracking. I have to ask my parents if they turned in the form. I don’t like asking them about some stuff. I still don’t expect my father to buy my a car like he said he would, but that is because he can’t keep promises.
Oh well. I’m writing some short stories, they are pretty goods.I’ll upload them later.

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