This Sunday is such a lazy day. Most of the day, all I did, was lay on my bed and read a bunch of manga. It is giving me a headache. On the upside, I hung out with my friend Layne and we went to Aqualand. I held my first spider, a rose haired tarantula. It was nerve wracking for a little bit, but I got used to it in the end. After that, I bought a rat for Emlen, but he wouldn’t eat it. Every time he doesn’t eat it makes me sad. For one thing, I am wasting money, and another thing, Emlen just won’t eat. It’s confusing.

Lately, my boyfriend and I have been hanging out quite a bit. I really like him. I do.Furthermore, I have noticed my thoughts of my ex-boyfriend has decreased a lot. It feels nice. I’ll just be a little sad when he has swim season, but maybe then I will be able actually do my homework? I do it to a point, but eh. I probably won’t change. I’m too into reading mangas than doing homework.

I’m just weird like that.


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