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My dreams lay among the stars.
Each of them connected to my fingertips with an invisible string.
My arms are stretched out above and I’m barely able to reach them.
I can’t pull on one string for it might break and I will be lost again.
I guess I will have to chase my dreams and follow the stars that guide me.

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Remember The Days

Remember the days,

when everything went right.

Remember the days,

when life wasn’t so hard.

Remember the days,

when we used to love, and trust.

Remember the happy days.

Forget the sad days.

Remember the dreams?

The dreams of tomorrow?

Remember when you looked forward

and never looked back.

I need to remember those days.

I need to remember the days

that I lived in happiness.

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I am really tired, but not extremely tired to the point where I want to crawl back into the bed and sleep til noon. I have to work at 9. Usually on Sunday’s we aren’t open, but today we have a deep cleaning day. We, of course, get paid for it so I am obviously excited about it; it isn’t like I have anything else to do this Labor Day Weekend.


I woke up to my nails being blue and I recalled painting my nails with my crappy NYC Quick Dry. The color is #296, Water Street Blue-which doesn’t make sense at all. I bought two other opaque colors from NYC; cheap nail polish sucks but I wanted some colors. The other colors are #298, High Line Green and #270, Sidewalkers. I’ve noticed that they have crappy color names as well, two out of three mention their color name in the name and the last one suggest the color-it’s grey. I need more clear nail polish… My Maximum Growth nail polish by Sally Hanson, is running low and I love using it.

I cleaned my room last night as well, okay I moved things around. I moved my desk over so there wouldn’t be a gap behind it. I like it like this because now I have room for my feet the move around the white board that is also in my room. It isn’t as big as school boards, half of my heart wishes it was just because they look cool.

Looking at my arms and back, I have imprints from my bed. That means I slept really well.


I went to work, and I was scrubbing a lot of things, it was great. My manager called us to the back because she made some pizza, so I ate some. Ended up full then I walked back out the the flooded floors, I was barefoot as well. I walked along the lobby and then my feet slipped from underneath me and I fell, slamming my head, shoulder and ribs against the lobby floor, and then I slid across the wetness like a slip n’ slide. I slowly stood up and lightly pressed my hand against the right side of my face, it felt like I just pushed the bones against my head… Something like that. No one saw when I fell, I didn’t scream either, it happened too fast. I walked over to the counter and my friend’s face shocked me, she asked ‘what happened? Your bleeding.’ I couldn’t believe it but I looked at my fingers and there was a little blood there so I said to my self it wasn’t that bad. So she took my hand and took me to the back and took a picture. The blood was from my eyebrow and it trailed down my cheek, chin and down my neck and chest. “Holy…” Was all I could muster. My insides were churning and my hands were shaking. Half of me was screaming and the other half was laughing. My other coworker came up and told me to sit down then he grabbed my manager and she then gave me a towel and took me to Urgent Care. I got my gash glued up. Then I came back to work and cleaned some more, careful not to fall.