12 Days

I’m twelve days into school and it feels like I’ve never left! It’s not so bad, I adore my classes and teachers. I’ve been pretty busy lately, sadly. I’ve had a bit of a stressful first couple days, but so far, it is getting good. I have some homework tonight, but then I am free.

This whole week I am staying over at my friends house, it will be pretty wild! Tonight through Thursday I work, as well as my friend, except she doesn’t work tonight. After work tonight, Paige(my friends name-yes I know) will be picking my up and taking me to my house so I can check up on Emlen and grab a few more things. I didn’t pack enough clothes!

For homework tonight, I have to read. I need to read actually. It is a must, I do not want to be behind on anything like I was earlier this week. I’ve learned my lesson(even though I should have before). Today I had to finish typing a paper that was due today, I was able to turn it in 4th hour and so, I succeeded! I rushed to turn it in and then I left as soon as I could to lunch. Gosh, lunch is so busy.

I need to do my homework and focus on school, I don’t need relationships. For example, today, there is this couple that I see everyday and they are actually good looking together. They would always hold hands underneath the table, but today they walked through the door and he was ahead of her and she was a little behind and she looked mad. She sat a seat away from him, and I could tell something was up. I laughed to myself and I thought of my last relationship with my ex. Something I never think about, but it happens. At times. I hate seeing relationships in struggle, but I guess it can’t be helped. I hope they solve things out.

I asked my counselor if i could add Chinese again this year, so i might be entering it next semester. I can’t wait. I want to stay with something hard again.

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