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So, on Facebook, I posted at status to my friends;
Tell me your favorite word and I will write a paragraph or so on your wall.
So far, three people have answered that question.




Here are the paragraphs in order.








The world is nothing without the harmony of sound and music in your ears. Life would be bleak if one could not hear the strums of a guitar or the voice of an angel. Music is comfort to the broken, lonely or happy soul. It heals anything and shows a change in everyone. Overtime, if you listen, you can hear music in your everyday life, even if there are no ear buds plugged in.








The cats meow was slowly growing closer and closer till it sounded loudly at the foot of the door. 
“This is worse than everyone being loud and obnoxious at high school, please make it stop.” She mumbles and opens the door. The feline launches in the bed room and hunts for food but there isn’t any. She picks up the cat and drags him outside where is picks at the buzzing moths and the june bugs that hum around the florescent light on the porch. A grass hopper perches on the chair and the cat wiggles and pounces. One by one the legs are ripped off, like a vicious predator attacking its next meal.
“Damn these cats and bugs are annoying. I’m out of here.” She leaves the porch light glowing and the predator munching and pouncing on the porch.








Life long feelings of commitment, of joy, of pain, and sorrow. Mixed emotions can fix one set of eyes on another person. 
“Is this what they call love?” The generalized books always ask this when the main character falls in love. Quite frankly, it is stereotypical and true. Love is full of… emotion; good and bad. It’s a beautiful and dangerous thing. It can throw you across the skies or it can chain you down into the depths of the ocean. Love is impossible to manage and handle. It’s a wry thing, love… What is love? A tale of two people joined together? A look in the eye? Touch of the fingers? Love is unbelievable and sentimental, it is also the most powerful emotion out there.








Oh, so many things I could write about. For example; my school days, working days, emotional days-sad, happy, angry… There are a lot of things I can talk about, but for now… I will work on my homework and then I will type up some stories.




P.S. SEND ME SOME WORDS! I’ll write a paragraph about them and post them!




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